Lookin’ Good!

So, there is a road that I travel sometimes to get to a certain store. It is a main road with lots of houses on it. There is a particular house that I just noticed today. It is freshly painted a beautiful color, the yard it mowed and edged, there are even flowers in the window boxes for pete sake! It looks well cared for and nice…..and…it’s for SALE! Now, I have driven past this house plenty of times. It has never looked like this when it wasn’t for sale. For anyone who has sold a house, we know this is a sales scheme. When a person puts their house up for sale they are instructed to “spruce it up”, to fix what is broken and paint what is dull. To make the house appealing so someone will want to look at it and hopefully buy it. I just can’t help but wonder why people don’t make their houses look that way when THEY live there? Why wait until someone else will be enjoying those things? I can’t help but wonder why they don’t choose to enjoy the house that way? How wonderful it would be to drive up to your own house freshly painted and enjoy the flowers in the flower boxes. Makes me sad to think of all the blessing and joy they missed out on over the years they lived there.
Hmmmm….kinda like how some choose to live their lives. We sometimes think we can live the way we want, treat our bodies in a sub-standard way (talkin’ to myself here!), allow others to beat us down and speak death into our lives. Then (perhaps when we want to marry, or perhaps even think we’re close to death) we want to get ourselves together and “spruce” our lives up. Again, makes me kinda sad to think of all the blessing and joy they miss out on over the years they lived this way.
So, today, choose the blessed and joyful life. Fix what needs fixing. And if you allow God, He will restore you to who you were originally intended to be! How cool is that?
Now, I’m gonna go home and paint something and plant some flowers at my house! For me to enjoy. Blessings!

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