As you can imagine, or you may know, marriage is a topic that has many opinions. Some feel they have all the answers and some feel they don’t have any answers at all. Some run toward marriage and some run away from marriage. For the sake of this blog, it really doesn’t matter how I … More Satisfaction!


Awww…summertime!  Time for relaxing vacations….right?  Well, I just got done taking a week long “staycation”…with my three grandchildren, ages 7 (in July),      6 (just turned last week)and 3.  Their mom (my daughter) went on a well deserved vacation and I offered to keep her children.  We had such a good time. It was exhausting but … More L.O.V.E.

The Club

So, I’m thinking of joining the YMCA. I really need to get my physical shape back in order and I like the YMCA. It has a pool and lots of cool classes. It also has rules that apply to being a member and using the facility. Before I join the YMCA I have to read … More The Club

What do you see?

This morning as I was headed out on the road I noticed a peculiar looking person. Their clothing was dirty and disheveled and they appeared to be talking to them self. As I continued to look at this person (don’t worry I was at a long stop light) I heard the Lord ask me, “What … More What do you see?