All Grown Up!

I so enjoy my grandchildren. This morning my three year old grandson came flying up to me so excited that he had dressed himself. He was so proud of himself it was kinda hard to correct the way he had put his socks on…upside down. When I helped him we laughed and celebrated his victory … More All Grown Up!

A life story

This past week was rough.  A dear friend, a leader in our ministry passed away suddenly and very unexpectedly.  Worse yet, she and her husband were out of the Country at the time.  So this Word from Sunday services was especially emotionally for me.  It is an important word for the Bride of Christ.  I … More A life story

Honk for Freedom!

This blog was written on July 1… As I write this America is just days away from celebrating Independence Day. So, that means firework stands on every corner. (nothing speaks “freedom” like pyrotechnics right?)…anyway, I saw a girl holding a sign in front of a stand that read “HONK for Freedom!!”. Now, some, if not … More Honk for Freedom!