The Cracked Pot…

Thoughts from inside this cracked pot

About Me


Welcome to my blog!  Never thought I would start a blog. But I’ve come to realize that through every circumstance and trial and triumph I’ve had, God has shown me new things. Little snippets of knowledge that I can pass on in hopes to bless your life. So, these are my thoughts. From me, a cracked pot. Not the perfect art piece. Not the pot with no blemishes. But one who is cracked. Who has been dropped and mishandled a time or two. So…May the Lord bless you and encourage you through these thoughts…from me…the cracked pot!

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be in the flow

the Water of Life comes only from Jesus

Shellia Reed's Blog

A pondering today. Words for thought.

The Story He Wrote

...and in Your book were all written the days that were ordained for me- Psalms 139:16

The Cracked Pot...

Thoughts from inside this cracked pot

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