When you were younger did you ever put a sign on your bedroom that said, “STAY OUT!”? (note: this only worked if you had your own room…just sayin’). Or perhaps yours said, “NO BOYS ALLOWED” OR “NO GIRLS ALLOWED”…Well, as the youngest of four it’s safe to say I really never had my own room, … More STAY OUT!!!

Sunday February 9th – You Already Have it! (Part 1)

What an amazing Word!  There is such freedom in the Truth of God. So…I have a confession. I don’t have good eating habits. It is a continuous struggle for me to eat appropriate portions, and to not eat late at night. I struggle with the sin of gluttony.  I get frustrated by that. I’m sure … More Sunday February 9th – You Already Have it! (Part 1)


So, don’t panic. I’m not talking about dating someone while married to someone else. I’m talking about dating your own spouse…you know…the one you chose and committed the rest of your life to! I find it weird and interesting that the very person you were “gaaa gaaa” over before you married is now the person … More DATING WHILE MARRIED!