So, I have to admit, I still have to sing the “Alphabet” song to remember the order of the letters that make up the English language. Thankfully, my children keep providing me with grandchildren so I get LOTS of practice!!
Wouldn’t it be boring if we ever “arrived” at a level of learning? Isn’t it exciting that we have the capacity to learn more and more? It’s also amazing to think of all the ways in which we can learn. We learn from our parents, we learn from our friends (sometimes this isn’t the best learning platform!), we learn from society (ditto the friend sentiment) and we can also learn from a school institute. With that said, I am excited to let you all know that I am returning to school, more specifically to Northwest University to begin the journey to receive a Master’s Degree in Psychology/Counseling. It will take me six years to achieve this as I have no higher education than High School. Did I mention I am almost 56 years old? But, instead of thinking it’s too late to start or I’ll be too old when I finish I am stepping out in confidence. I can do this, not because I’m special, but because the Lord told me to. So, I am entering territory I have not stepped into and I am going forward courageously and boldly. I am not embarrassed to tell people. Quite the opposite. I am happy to share all the God is asking me to do for the days ahead.
So, be encouraged. No matter what stage of life, or life circumstance you find yourself in. Seek God in honesty and humility and then do what He says to do. This is a win/win situation.
Now, excuse me, while I go fill out some more enrollment forms….

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