So, don’t panic. I’m not talking about dating someone while married to someone else. I’m talking about dating your own spouse…you know…the one you chose and committed the rest of your life to! I find it weird and interesting that the very person you were “gaaa gaaa” over before you married is now the person who you find hard to love. Most couples I talk to spend more of the marriage trying to “fix” issues within their marriage then actually enjoying the marriage and the one they married.

So, I say….take your spouse on a date! Husbands, ask your wife out and pick her up at the door. Make it your goal to get a second date (you may be surprised by how challenging that can end up being!) Wives, prepare to wow your husband by how you look. (Remember, men are very visual). Spend time getting ready for him. Make it your goal to have him wonder what the next date will be like!

Spend these dates laughing, dreaming, and asking questions to get to know your spouse better. Do not, by any means, use this time to discuss what should be corrected in your marriage. This is also not the time to discuss parenting strategies. These moments should be precious and valued. A time for just the two of you to remain fully engaged with each other and enjoying the fruit of marriage! JOY

6 thoughts on “DATING WHILE MARRIED!

  1. We do that. I know we are newlyweds but there is wisdom in keeping the fire going and being the best we can be for our mates.


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