What did I just do?

I want to do great things! I want to change the world by magnificent acts of kindness! I want to leave a huge legacy of honesty and love for my children and grandchildren! But today I somehow managed to buy a can of cat food while buying ingredients for a family dinner! I should make … More What did I just do?

Should I Open It?

Well, Christmas and New Years is over and my house is back to normal. It felt good to take my tree and decorations down. But one thought still remains with me. The blessing of a gift! Personally I love giving gifts more than receiving them (sounds cliché’ but it’s true). I love to see the … More Should I Open It?

My Lord, My Healer

WEEK FOUR I have been thinking lately how our physical health is taken for granted. For example, I don’t give my health a second thought…until I get sick, or hurt. Then it’s a different story. I become self-absorbed, whiney, and sometimes (by my own admission) hard to be around. But I had one life defining … More My Lord, My Healer

Boy or Girl?

I’m so excited to be expecting a new grandchild in February of 2016! I love all my grandies and adding one more is a great blessing to me. Another blessing to me is the ability to find out the gender of the baby months before it is actually born! I feel more connected to the … More Boy or Girl?