Walk the Talk

So, I am in the middle of week five of my higher education. I am attending a fully accredited University through their online campus. I have two classes every 7 weeks (with one week break in between). The path of my calling requires a Masters Degree. This means I am in week five of a SIX YEAR educational journey! (dramatic pause to catch my breath…..)

Anyway, it has now occurred to me that there is a HUGE difference in what a person says they desire and the reality of stepping into that reality! For example, around July of this year when the Lord told me I needed to pursue this formal education it was exciting. I loved telling my family and friends (well, really anyone who would listen…) that I was enrolling in school and that classes started August 31. I reveled in their praise of how proud they were of me. But now, I’m in the middle of the first two classes and I’ve come to realize that the excitement of talking about schooling rapidly disappears into the reality of doing school work, and then rearranging my life to now include the role of “student”.

So, now what holds me on this path? The praise has died down and yes, the HARD work has begun. This is the difference I speak about when I point out the DESIRE to do something versus the REALITY of doing it. I am encouraged by God, my Father who gently reminds me that I am, indeed, on the right path.

So, each day I’m confronted with a choice. Do I walk the talk? Ask yourself the same question. Are you walking out what you say you desire most?

Be blessed!

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