I Love You!

“Just remember, God never forces anything on you.”

Has anyone ever said that to you?  Basically, we are told that God is a “gentleman” and doesn’t force himself on us.  True…this is true. But I do know of one thing God doesn’t need your permission to do. There is one thing He will do and give no matter what we say….HIS LOVE!!  In other words, God doesn’t need our permission to love us! Think about it. We hold God off at a distance, while trying to control the relationship with him. We often interact with God on a “need to know” basis. If we feel God needs to know what’s going on in our life, we’ll tell him. (Important side note: God is omniscient “all-knowing”). Anyway, what we forget, or don’t acknowledge is that God did not need our permission before he loved us. No, he was loving us way before we even knew who he was! Think of it in human terms. When a couple has a baby, from the very second that baby comes forth, the love of the father (and mother) flow freely over that child. How much more God? He is our Father!

We can’t earn this love, nor can we stop this love! Incredible thought. So, our only decision is how will we respond to this love? How will we allow this love to heal and restore us? How will we allow this love to flow through and out of us?

May the Love of the father be understood throughout the bride of Christ!


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