So I went on quite an adventure yesterday. I went to the DMV to renew my driver’s license.  When it was my turn to go up to the counter I told the worker what I needed and handed him my old license. He asked me if my address and donor information was still the same. Then came the hard part. He asked me if my height and weight was still the same. Well….suffice it to say I stretched the truth by answering “basically”. Basically? What did I mean by that. The real answer is NO, my weight is not the same, the number is quite different, and by different I mean higher. But I didn’t want him to know that. And that brings up my thought for today…WHY? Why didn’t I want him to know I had gained weight? He is a total stranger to me. I probably won’t see him again (or maybe in four years). What was the big deal? And then it hit me. The big deal is that I don’t like the weight I am and so it was easier for me to stretch the truth and for him to actually have the wrong facts about me. I wonder if we do this in the Church. We may have something about ourselves we don’t like or are embarrassed by, but we would rather pretend everything is OK and have people think we are perfect. Listen, no person is perfect. Have we lost the ability to support someone through their imperfections? Have we made it difficult to confess our struggles to one another? Do we think if we share a struggle we will be judged? Oh, this is such wrong thinking. The truth is, there is freedom in allowing fellow believers to know the truth about our struggles. We are encouraged to tell each other our struggles. Why? For HEALING!! I encourage you to not hold back the truth of what you struggle with, so you can find the blessed freedom in healing. I also encourage you to extend grace to others when they confess their struggles to you.  Again,  no one is perfect and it’s OK to acknowledge that. It’s important for the Church to support one another in the healing of anything that needs it. I pray today will be the day you believe that it is a blessing to have other believers walk alongside you and for you to walk alongside others as well!

But, just to be clear, I will not be going back to the DMV to correct my weight. I’ll wait another four years, or never… Have a blessed day!

2 thoughts on “Basically!

  1. I totally relate with this. Even with all the weight I have lost I am still not at the weight my Drivers License says I am. I have also been famous for saying “I am OK or I am Good” when things are falling down around me and it has been a huge release for me to learn to be honest with that question.


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