In Whom Do I Trust?

I saw it laying on the ground, a coin, just a simple little coin. Only worth .25 cents. But written on it are some momentous words, “In God We Trust”. Whoa! Think about this for a minute. On the very currency we use in America to trade and buy goods is a statement saying we trust in God! From the smallest amount to the largest we read, “In God We Trust”. America was founded on this statement. Putting this statement on our currency is a HUGE deal. I won’t debate about if America still holds to this statement, what I will blog about is how seeing this statement affected me. It challenged me. You see, I trust in God.

But do I? Do I really trust God? I can say I trust God as much as I want, but it is only in the moments when I can’t see any solution that my trust in God is tested. The truth is…God is TRUSTWORTHY! He is proven to be faithful, even when I am not. So, do I trust God? Yes, I do, and when (especially when) things happen in my life (or in the Nation) that seem hopeless I will continue to TRUST God. No decision (or law) ever made can dictate my life. I will continue to live like a follower of Christ. I will Honor God, I will Love all mankind, and I will treat my family with love and respect. I will reach out to my neighbor in need.  There are NO qualifiers to these statements.  I will…TRUST in God.

How about you? The next time you see a coin look at the statement on it and reaffirm your trust in God! And if that coin is laying on the ground, for goodness sake pick it up. Every penny counts!

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