I Love You and You Love Me!

Do you remember back in grade school when you exchanged items for lunch? Did you ever trade your orange for a cookie? Perhaps you traded your sandwich for chips? Well, some people treat Love like that. Let me explain.  Basically people treat LOVE as an exchange. I love you if you…. or I love you when you… or because I love you then you need to love me back.  And although this misunderstanding of Love happens a lot in marriage, it also happens in any relationship.

Here’s what I believe to be true; Love is extended to someone. Period.  Real love is not contingent of any return but simply given. Period. Now this is the place where you may push back a bit and say something like, “Yes but when I extend Love, I should expect Love in return”.  Sorry, I don’t agree. Here’s the mystery. When both people simply extend Love without expecting an exchange then they automatically receive the exchange! Cool huh? But truthfully, extending Love with no other thought is the path to real joy.

Now, if you’re thinking this seems impossible, I dare say it IS…in your flesh. But I have good news. For those who follow and serve God, it IS possible. You see, when we stay connected intimately with our Lord He fills us up with such Love that it is possible to simply extend Love to ALL those around us.

So, are you withholding Love from someone because they don’t, won’t or can’t give it back? If so, you are missing a valuable way to live. Get courageous and simply extend Love with NO thought about what you may get back in return. By living this way, you may just find yourself set free from all sorts of negative feelings like disappointment, abandonment, anger, depression…etc.


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