You Already Have It! (part 2) Rewiring Your Mind

I don’t know about you but I spent a good deal of my 20’s and 30’s dodging the Call God put on my life. I just wanted to be a “regular” person (whatever that means!) who didn’t swear and went to church on Sunday’s. Then when I was in my 40’s it switched to something like, “I do want to serve God, when I’m able or when I feel like it”. Well, that doesn’t go over well in the Kingdom, not to mention avoiding God’s call gets tiring. As a faith-filled believer I am challenged to stop looking to be excused, but to be excited for where I am being called!

This struggle is the battle against the power of sin. The power of sin encroaches on our true identity. On who God says I really am. Last week’s Word reminded me that God expects me to rule over sin. Mind blowing thought: It is not my “nature” to sin. I do, however, have the capacity and choice to rebel (yikes!). That means I hold myself accountable. If I don’t believe I have a choice of how I want to live, what hope would I have? Really! What hope would there be? For some reason I had bought into the “I was born sinful” (Have you ever said, “I’m just a sinner saved by grace”)? No! I was not born a sinner! Sin comes from the outside, so therefore, I do have a choice in what I think and do!

To be honest, for me it would be easier NOT to have a choice. Just tell me what to do and I’ll do that. But what kind of real relationship is that with Christ? I want to fully be who God says I am. And how will I find who I really am without laying before God so I can hear His truth over my life!

Our prayer closet is the most powerful place! In the prayer closet I can:
• Identify the lies
• Destroy them
• Recreate myself into the truth of who I am in Christ!
Sound good? I think so!

These thoughts of mine are from the weekend services at Zion’s River church! If you want the full meal deal go to our website and click on the link for the entire sermon. Be blessed!!

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