When you were younger did you ever put a sign on your bedroom that said, “STAY OUT!”? (note: this only worked if you had your own room…just sayin’). Or perhaps yours said, “NO BOYS ALLOWED” OR “NO GIRLS ALLOWED”…Well, as the youngest of four it’s safe to say I really never had my own room, but my brother (being the only boy) had his own bedroom. His door was always shut and the sign was definitely there. I was always so curious of what I was being “kept out of”. What was in that room anyway? Was it unlimited treasure? Priceless belongings? What? Why can’t I go in? Then I had to deal with the “chosen few” who were allowed in. The door would open, oh so slightly, and the chosen one would squeak their way in and BAM, the door would slam shut (usually right in my face)…

Is that how we view God and Heaven? Do we think He has a sign up there saying, “YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED IN” OR “KEEP OUT!”? You see, if we think Gods motive is to keep people OUT of heaven then it skews our view of Heaven and who is welcome there. Instead of loving people and giving out open invitations to Kingdom living we shut doors. And how about those from the “outside” looking in? How it must hurt their heart to feel unwelcome. To not feel good enough or have the right code words. I wonder how it feels to have that door slammed in their face.

So, let me be clear (so I’ll use CAPS for dramatic flair)…GOD’S DESIRE IS THAT ALL PEOPLE GO TO HEAVEN, THAT NO ONE PERISH! His door is flung wide open!! There is an open invitation to all! There are no barriers up. No signs barring entrance. And believe me, God doesn’t want us putting signs up either! Heaven, eternal life, looking at God face to face….these are all glorious gifts for those who believe in Jesus and claim Him as Lord and Savior…and it is offered to ALL!
I’m thankful that I worship and serve a God of LOVE. Who loves all, and died for all! So, out of that grateful heart I want to open the doors to Heaven and Kingdom living!! What about you?

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