The Next Level!

So, right or wrong I am a big fan of the show “The Voice”! I have always loved to sing and love the singing aspect of this show. Anyway, it’s interesting to hear the back stories of the contestants. Some are straight off a farm and sing in their bedrooms and thought it would be fun to step out and see where life takes them but the ones that confuse me are the ones that are already singing somewhere. They already sing for their living but somehow they are not satisfied with where they are in their “career” and look to the Voice to get them to that next level (whatever that even means!).
But, there are the contestants who really sadden me. They are worship leaders/singers in their local church. But they still come on the show to see if they can go to that next level! That’s where I get confused. I wonder why they aren’t full of joy to be able to use their passion for singing in their local church. And, even if they don’t hold the “position” of worship leader, how about using their talent and passion to bless the elderly living in a nursing home… on a Wednesday night… with no one fussing over their hair and makeup…with no one filming them?
Why are some believers always striving to “do more”, or “go to the next level”?
Listen clearly, if God does not direct you to do some huge amazing thing (think Moses, Ester, the Apostles!) then settle for where God DOES have you. Use your gifts and passions (whatever they are) to lift up the lonely or downtrodden in life! Step out on a limb and don’t think about how to benefit yourself (shocking, I know!) but, instead, ask God where He would like to bless others with the passions He Himself has put inside of you!
So, go….look for ways to use what God has given you in your surroundings! Be satisfied just where God has called you. When you do this with a pure and loving heart you will be surprised at the “next level” you go to! Blessings!

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