Dreams/Visions are Expensive

There is NO greater commodity in life than freedom! Wow…of all the things I try to put importance on freedom trumps them all! Now, I know that most think freedom equals the right to do and say anything they want. But my freedom that comes from Jesus allows me to freely follow Christ.
You see, without freedom in Christ I won’t be able to stand when (not if) the day of trouble comes. Freedom isn’t felt until it costs me everything. When my life is going just as I planned I become lazy in my pursuits of Christ. Then, I can get knocked off my feet when trouble comes. Truth is, as a true believer and follower of Christ I should always be prepared and ready to endure through trouble. That is my true “testimony”…not a life devoid of any trouble (can you imagine making that your goal?) but a life of strength to endure through trouble.
Don’t judge your life by how easy it is but instead, how strong in the Lord you are to withstand all types of trouble and trials!
Freedom is my ability to take what God says about me and putting that into action! Not what others say about me, not what I’ve been raised to believe but what GOD says about me. Wow!! Thank you Lord for always believing in and for me even when I haven’t.
So, are you truly free? If not, come to the throne room of God, where Jesus sits in all His glory and authority and get true revelation from there. Believe me, that truth will set you FREE!!

These thoughts of mine are from the weekend services at Zion’s River church! If you want the full meal deal go to our website http://www.zionsriver.com and click on the link for the entire sermon. Be blessed!!

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