Same is Lame…

SAME IS LAME: (in progress…)
So, the other day I was driving down a busy street when I noticed two bicyclists going in the same direction. But there was a big difference between them. The guy in front was riding his bike the “normal” way. Seated forward facing and peddling forward. But the other guy…the other guy was riding his bike sitting on it backwards!
So, yes, I know that the phrase “Same is Lame” (thanks Pharrell!) is popular, as is the thought that everyone can decide how they want to live. Their choices only matter to them. Well….watching those two guys ride a bicycle two completely different ways brought up these thoughts…
They were both using the same piece of equipment. They were both headed in the same direction (so to speak) and they were both moving forward. But here’s the thing I noticed. The guy in front, the one riding the bike the way it was created to be ridden was moving fast, purposefully and without any unnecessary distraction. He had his eyes focused on what was in front of him and he steered the bike that way.
But the other guy, the one that was riding his bike “differently” wasn’t so successful. Yes, he looked like he was enjoying himself (when he did look relaxed), and he probably really liked all the attention he drew…but…he was wobbling all over the road, going relatively slow and was always forced to look over his shoulder just to see where he was going.
I couldn’t help but think that one was purposed in where he was going and the other was just out to be different and didn’t really care where or how he got there. Doesn’t sound too bad when you first think about it but when you think what the purpose of creating the bike was for it seems a bit confusing to me. Me, the person who likes to face forward, who likes to use items (like bicycles) the way they were created to be used, me the one who enjoys the journey faced forward with wind in my face!
So, in this world where we are being told that “normal” is now abnormal, I need to stand up tall and be OK with what I believe, with the way I operate!! As much as the guy riding backwards wants to be free to do that, so does the guy who was riding on the bike the way it was created to be used.
How about, I won’t tell you how to ride your bike, and please don’t tell me how to ride mine! So excuse me while I go dust off my bicycle and ride forward facing to meet my future….

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