OK, so there is something about road work that bugs me…actually everything about road work bugs me but for the sake of time I’ll narrow it down.
In the town where I live there is a lot of road construction work going on, and more specifically on the main road I take to get to work and church on Saturday and Sunday’s. Since construction has begun there is usually a 10-15 minute delay and traffic going into the “one lane” zone.
And, if that’s not bad enough the other main road I take to go grocery shopping is also in the middle of major road construction and delays!!
So, a couple of times, I’ve found myself doing the awkward “U” turn to try to find a road that is free from construction and delays to get me to my destination. This usually ends up badly. I either get behind the other 100 drivers with the same brilliant idea, or I take a road I’m not as familiar with and get a little turned around.
And then it hit me. As long as I keep my destination in mind, I don’t feel the need to “find another way” to get there and my frustration is kept in check. I tell myself to stay put and move forward as the road and work allow. I WILL get to my destination. By keeping put on the main road, I save myself other frustrations and “detours” that actually (more times than not) make me arrive even later and certainly with a worse attitude!
So, isn’t that the way it is in life? For me, following God’s direction and purposes keep me on the main road. Yeah, the road may have “work” being done on it from time to time, it may also have “delays” and “single lanes” that slow my progress down but if I continue to keep my eyes on my destination (HINT: doing God’s will) then how long it takes and how smoothly it goes won’t be my main focus.
Do you have some “road blocks” in your way right now? I encourage you to go to the Lord and ask Him what they are there for. Remember, God works all things for good…for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose!

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