Family! This word holds different meanings for people. For some, “family” means comfort and love. But to others, “family” means hurt and rejection. Some love their families and some are indifferent to their families. Some leave their family the minute they turn 18 and others struggle with the “leaving and cleaving” part. 🙂
But for me, family goes deeper than blood and DNA. It goes beyond biology. To me, family denotes a people who have created a bond that is deeper than just friendship. It is a group of people who are committed to each other in very real ways.
In my life, I have a total of seven children. Two daughters and one son that I gave birth to. Then I have a daughter by marriage (to my son), and I also have two other daughters and one son by heart decision! Huh?? Well, what I mean is I chose them to be my children, my family, alongside my biological children. I have committed myself to them in a way a mother does. But my just choosing them wouldn’t create this relationship. They also had to choose me as well… as their mother! They had to open themselves up to me as their mother.
So, as their mother they have certain privileges with me (that I don’t extend to everyone). They can assume certain things about me (like I will babysit their children pretty much anytime they need). They can call me anytime of the day (or night). They don’t have to worry about “interrupting me” as they would with a friend or co-worker. They have a place in my heart because I chose them! Even with the children I birthed I chose to be their mother. I chose to enjoy them and invest in them and pour into them.
Well, that got me to thinking…what about God the Father? Do we really accept Him as our father? Do we hold back our hearts from him, thinking that we’re really not his biological children or the people he chose at first? You see, as much as I have offered myself and love my children (whether I physically birthed them or they were birthed from my heart) God is so much more offering ALL He is to us, his children.
This means we can interact with Him in confidence. Knowing that His love for us prompts Him to interact with us on a very deep level. We have privilege with him. We have favor with him. He delights in us.
So, don’t hold your heart back from the Heavenly Father! Enjoy your relationship with Him. Stop asking Him to prove his love for you! Stop putting expectations on His love….just enjoy it! Believe me, once you break down all your barriers to Him life really starts!!
Gotta run now…meeting a few of my daughters to get our nails done! Be blessed!

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