Sold Out or a Sell out? Sunday, May 10, 2015

I believe all Christians desire to be “sold out” to Christ. But are we living a life that reflects that? This Word is so powerful. God is calling His Bride to a movement that requires truly being sold out to Him!!

To be sold out, we must crucify our flesh and walk fully in the spirit. Yikes, that’s always a challenge. There are three things of the flesh we must crucify:

1. The lust of the flesh = the desire for self-satisfaction
2. The lust of the eyes = the desire to have what someone else has
3. The pride of life= the desire for promotion in the eyes of man

It’s really a matter of what I love more. The spirit or the flesh! This will also dictate how I spend my time (ouch!). This word really challenged me. It reminded me that talk is cheap. My life has to back up what I say in order to hold any kind of power.

Manifested Passion from Zion’s River on Vimeo.

These thoughts of mine are from the weekend services at Zion’s River church! If you want to know more about Zion’s River, check out our website
Be blessed!

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