That’s not much!

While getting my Starbucks this morning I was invited into a conversation about “Dancing with the Stars” which led to a larger conversation about reality T.V. shows and how the finales are so drawn out, then only to announce the winner at the last few minutes of the show.

I asked the barista (a young woman perhaps in her early 20’s) if she watched any shows and she said the only show she watched was “Survivor”. She then made a statement that prompted this blog. She agreed that the finale’s were underwhelming…and then she said, “And then the prize money is only one million dollars, so after taxes they only get, what, maybe $600,000?….THAT’S NOT MUCH!”…she actually said that $600k is not that much money!! We finished our talk and I went on my way.

But now I’m thinking….only in America and in the mind of a 20 something young person is $600,000 considered “not much”. Have we lost reality in what is considered a lot of money (or anything)? And that prompted me to wonder if this might the way some Christians believe about the Abundant Life Jesus came to give us.

When you think of the word “abundant”, what does that mean to you? Are you satisfied with the life that Jesus came to bring you? Are you walking fully in that life? Are you able to recognize how Jesus is moving in and through your life? IS the life you are living enough?

May we, as followers of Christ, come to know and accept fully that the life He gives us is, indeed, abundant and more than enough!

Be blessed!

One thought on “That’s not much!

  1. I am not a twenty something but I would surely take 600k! Ok even 50k! But that is not what makes my life abundant!


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