Awww…summertime!  Time for relaxing vacations….right?  Well, I just got done taking a week long “staycation”…with my three grandchildren, ages 7 (in July),      6 (just turned last week)and 3.  Their mom (my daughter) went on a well deserved vacation and I offered to keep her children.  We had such a good time. It was exhausting but well worth it!

Most people told me how impressed they were by my doing this for my daughter.  Some even said, “That’s not a vacation for you”.  But they are missing a very important fact. I LOVE MY DAUGHTER, I LOVE MY GRANDCHILDREN! For me, love manifests in what I do.  I don’t “do” things to prove my love.  I don’t just “do” the loving thing.  I actually LOVE so, therefore, I do.  I can’t help it.  It’s in my DNA!  The love of God is in me…actually IN me, making up who I am.  And, as a result of His love for me, I am then able to love others, in what I say, in what I do.

Believe me, I know people who will do something for someone simply because they should, or they know it’s the right thing to do, or for some, because it makes them look good.  Well, I have some bad news for these people.  Nothing they are doing matters.  If pure L.O.V.E. is not your motivation then just stop.

But if love does motivate, man oh man, what an incredible life!  Even through the difficult times (can you imagine I may have had some with three young children?), love motivates and encourages me to pour out more than I even think I have inside of me in that moment.

So, choose L.O.V.E. and by the way, NOT the world’s interpretation of love but the truth of God’s love! An everlasting stream of living waters that will flow from you out to anybody in your path!  It’s a beautiful thing!

Now, excuse me while I go take a nap to recover from my “vacation”.

Be blessed!

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