As you can imagine, or you may know, marriage is a topic that has many opinions. Some feel they have all the answers and some feel they don’t have any answers at all. Some run toward marriage and some run away from marriage.
For the sake of this blog, it really doesn’t matter how I personally feel. I talk to many unhappy and frustrated married people. This weekend I believe the Lord gave me a revelation that I’d like to share here. (please forgive me if you’ve already had this revelation).
The revelation is this: the minute you begin to think and then believe that your spouse is “keeping you” from your dreams, or your spouse is “the reason” something is not being fulfilled within you, your marriage is in danger and on the road to death. Hear me well, the devil desires to destroy marriages and, indeed, is succeeding in a large degree (and not just out in the “world” but in the believers life as well). And I believe it begins with the thought that your spouse is the “reason” for________(you fill in the blanks)
The truth is, your husband/wife is not responsible for your happiness, fulfillment, or validation! Only God can fulfill all that in your life. Once you really accept this TRUTH then you are freed up to love your husband/wife unconditionally, I mean, truly unconditionally. Faults and all. You are freed up to pour love INTO your spouse. You are free to remember why you married him/her in the first place! You are free to turn fully to God for everything!
Your spouse should be on the receiving end of your satisfaction….not the “reason” you are not satisfied!
Be blessed!

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