The Club

So, I’m thinking of joining the YMCA. I really need to get my physical shape back in order and I like the YMCA. It has a pool and lots of cool classes. It also has rules that apply to being a member and using the facility.
Before I join the YMCA I have to read and agree with all their rules. I have to agree to pay on time and pay the “joining” fee. And, if at any time I do not fulfill my part of the agreement they can kick me “out” of their club. I’m fine with that.
However, this afternoon, the Lord spoke something to me that I’ll share here. He said, “This is how people think of Me. They think I’m the Club president with all sorts of rules and things to abide by in order to stay in my ‘club’. They think I am keeping track of their behavior and watching to make sure they obey all the rules, and if they don’t I’ll kick them out.”
You see, God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) desires a relationship with you, not a club membership with Him. There are no “rules” to follow and no worry about being “kicked out” of His club. The truth is Jesus came down to earth in human form, walked around with His creation and was killed and died a horrible death JUST SO you could have a relationship with Him. He came to show us the face of God and to invite ALL into His Kingdom.
This is GREAT news! God desires a relationship with me! We are all welcome to come to Him and walk under His Hand.
So don’t hesitate to come into real relationship with Jesus. He would love nothing more!
And if you go the YMCA I may just see you there…

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