Honk for Freedom!

This blog was written on July 1…
As I write this America is just days away from celebrating Independence Day. So, that means firework stands on every corner. (nothing speaks “freedom” like pyrotechnics right?)…anyway, I saw a girl holding a sign in front of a stand that read “HONK for Freedom!!”. Now, some, if not most, think of freedom as a green light to do whatever they want. To live the life they want (or think they want). Well, I did honk my horn…but not for those reasons. I honked my horn because I AM FREE…TO FOLLOW GOD’S WAYS AND TO BOW DOWN TO HIM AS MY KING. I am free to say NO to my flesh. I am free to LOVE people like Jesus does. I am free to OBEY all that God says to me.

I am free!! Free to give my entire life to Jesus Christ. And that, my fellow Americans, IS freedom!! I am grateful and thankful to my Lord and Savior for giving me His Spirit that is much more powerful than my flesh.
Do you feel free in Christ? Why or why not?

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