Get Out of Jail FREE…

Did you ever play the game Monopoly? As a child and young adult I used to love that game, even though it took a day and a half to finish!! I especially loved the Chance and Community Chest cards in the middle. I loved landing on those squares and picking up a card.  I always liked to get a “Get Out of Jail Free” card…just in case. You see, once I had one of those bad boys under my cash pile I could relax. I now knew IF I got the bad fortune of landing on “Go Directly To Jail” I wouldn’t miss a turn. I could confidently pull out my Get out of Jail card and, just like that…I’m in the game again!

But what about in real life. I remember a time in my life when I was “locked up”…no, not in jail but within my own sinful nature. Then, my Lord came along. With blood dripping down He handed me that precious card that allowed me to get out of the bondage that had held me down. My heart lightened, my joy increased and I lived free now!

Now, back to the game of Monopoly. As much as I loved getting my FREE card, I held tight to it. I didn’t care if anyone else got thrown in “jail”. In fact, I usually rejoiced in it as it held them back as I moved forward!! What I realized is that sometimes we, as Christians, behave that way with real life. We are so grateful to be set FREE, but we never offer the Savior to those still locked away in themselves. Why is that? We should be shouting it from the rooftops…”Christ sets you FREE”….”Come to HIM and receive the gift of eternal life!” It’s like once we’re “sprung free” we close the door tightly to those behind us who are still locked in chains. Chains of pain, shame, guilt, pride, selfishness, addictions…etc.

I challenge myself and you to stop, turn around, go back to them and invite them into the Freedom you have…Into the loving arms of our Savior.  His Name is the Name of Above ALL Names….Jesus!
Oh, and by the way…I don’t really play Monopoly anymore…I don’t have the time!!
Be blessed!!

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