As You Go…

In my life, many people have come and go. And each of them is different. They have different walks with the Lord. Some don’t even claim Jesus as Savior of their life. Some are family and some are just acquaintances. Some of them have peaceful lives and happy marriages, but many others have difficult lives, and some have pretty unbearable lives.
So, how do I move through life with all these people? How do I love all these people? This thought brought me to the feet of Jesus and to, once again, reflect on his life while He was here in the flesh.
What I realized was, Jesus WAS WHO HE WAS! He didn’t change for anyone. He simply moved in power and grace…love and mercy. Because of that, all those who encountered Him were blessed. It didn’t matter if they believed in Him or not. And He didn’t withhold any of Himself to anyone for any reason!
Then it hit me! This is the way I, as a bond-servant of Christ, am to move through life. Consistently being who I am in the Lord and moving in that consistency. Then, whoever comes in my life will be blessed by the Lord in me! I will no longer be tempted to give up on people, or worse, turn fully away from them. Side note: this is not a blog about boundaries, but about moving through life as Jesus, in the flesh, did.
So, how do you find yourself moving through  people who come in your life? Be encouraged! When you fully accept who you are in Christ and with God breathing in you and His spirit prompting you, all those you come in contact with will be blessed.

3 thoughts on “As You Go…

  1. Pastor Liz this is great I greet the public all day in labor and delivery I am always asked why are you so nice and happy in my mind I say Jesus and some days depending on the company I share my secret lol. However on those days when I don’t want to go the extra mile Jesus does and with out fail He shines through my eyes and works with each person I encounter the way he see’s fit. Some day’s helping a lost person find there way and we end up praying together. Talking with a coworker about how good God really is in the lunch line. Just being me and seeing Jesus shine thru. I am going to share this with my virtual Bible Study group. A terrific word Thank you.


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