What Are You FOR??

I have noticed lately how many people proclaim what they are AGAINST. It’s not too difficult to see this manifest through the election season. I always find it fascinating how passionate people are for what they are AGAINST. Why does it seem easier to rant and rave about all that’s wrong with _____________ (fill in … More What Are You FOR??

Where Am I Going?

Have you ever been on a road, trail, or any adventure where you’ve never been before? Perhaps even in the dark or bad weather? Well, let me tell you from personal experience it’s not that fun. Not knowing where the path or road leads can cause fear, distress, and even anxiety. However, if you are … More Where Am I Going?

What did I just do?

I want to do great things! I want to change the world by magnificent acts of kindness! I want to leave a huge legacy of honesty and love for my children and grandchildren! But today I somehow managed to buy a can of cat food while buying ingredients for a family dinner! I should make … More What did I just do?

Look at That…

So, the other day I was driving into work when I noticed a cute, hairy, big, dog hanging out of the window of the car in the left lane. The dog’s large ears were flapping in the wind and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth. I was so focused on this cute dog … More Look at That…

Fresh Fruit

I don’t know about you but I love fresh fruit. No canned fruit for me. And if I can get something straight off the tree or bush all the better! Growing up in the Puyallup valley I ate my share of fresh blueberries, raspberries, apples, and blackberries. To this day I can smell and taste … More Fresh Fruit