Where Are You Going?

The other day I was on my usual trip into work. It’s the road I drive six out of seven days, going to the same location. It’s usually a nice relaxing drive.
But on this particular morning I was in a hurry. I was running late for an appointment and I hadn’t given myself enough time to get to the office early. I was feeling frustrated and short tempered. And then, I noticed two signs on the car ahead of me that raised my frustration level. First, let me share that the car was going slowly and cautiously. The signs read, “Caution-Student Driver” then “Thank you for your patience”. By now, I am forced to slow down. Really? Don’t they know I’m in a hurry? Don’t they know someone is waiting for me in the office?
So, I did what seemed reasonable to me (at the time anyway), I sped up, got dangerously close to the student-driven car, and whipped into the other lane, passed them by, then whipped back in the lane right in front of the student car. Then it hit me…YIKES! What did I just do?
You see, in my frustration, and in my inability to consider anyone but ME and MY situation, I had probably startled and frightened the young driver in the other car by my actions. I could just hear the driving instructor say, “OK, brake just a little to let that crazy driver over.”
Well, I believe that some of us do that with life. We are so busy focusing on ourselves and our “needs” that we often rush by others, perhaps setting a bad example (as I did with the car) of what it means to live properly, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We, as followers of Christ, need to pay attention to how we interact with others. We must learn how to truly love others more than ourselves. To find greater joy in helping others than just focusing on ourselves. As we mature in the Lord, to show the new believers the beauty of control and joy in our lives.
Looking back on that day on the road, I hope that young driver could forgive me my hastiness and realize how important it is for her to obey the rules and laws of driving even when everyone around her (or maybe just me) is not.
Be blessed!

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