Should I Open It?

Well, Christmas and New Years is over and my house is back to normal. It felt good to take my tree and decorations down. But one thought still remains with me. The blessing of a gift! Personally I love giving gifts more than receiving them (sounds cliché’ but it’s true). I love to see the … More Should I Open It?

Merry Christmas!

As Christmas is fast approaching, I wanted to take a moment to say Merry Christmas! Not Happy Holidays….Merry Christmas. For me Christmas is a time to reflect on the gift God gave mankind in sending his son to earth. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Christmas tree and presents are always fun to open…but…that’s … More Merry Christmas!

My Lord, My Healer

WEEK FOUR I have been thinking lately how our physical health is taken for granted. For example, I don’t give my health a second thought…until I get sick, or hurt. Then it’s a different story. I become self-absorbed, whiney, and sometimes (by my own admission) hard to be around. But I had one life defining … More My Lord, My Healer

I Love You!

“Just remember, God never forces anything on you.” Has anyone ever said that to you?  Basically, we are told that God is a “gentleman” and doesn’t force himself on us.  True…this is true. But I do know of one thing God doesn’t need your permission to do. There is one thing He will do and … More I Love You!

Honk for Freedom!

This blog was written on July 1… As I write this America is just days away from celebrating Independence Day. So, that means firework stands on every corner. (nothing speaks “freedom” like pyrotechnics right?)…anyway, I saw a girl holding a sign in front of a stand that read “HONK for Freedom!!”. Now, some, if not … More Honk for Freedom!


As you can imagine, or you may know, marriage is a topic that has many opinions. Some feel they have all the answers and some feel they don’t have any answers at all. Some run toward marriage and some run away from marriage. For the sake of this blog, it really doesn’t matter how I … More Satisfaction!