Closest to the Heart

This is the beginning of my weekly blogs that will be “Looking Outward.” The format for each week will be the same. There is a key scripture that I encourage you to read each and every week (or day) to keep your focus sharp. This is followed by the weeks focus, digging deeper (scriptures to meditate on), a prayer launch (a simple starting place for your prayer time over the week), and ending with some practical actions (I encourage you to create your own actions as well).

I am starting with the focus nearest ones’ heart…family. For some of you, family means security, love and peace. For others, family means abandonment, distance, and insecurity. Whatever family background you come from, I do know it is easier to ignore or turn away from family we struggle with. I have noticed in my own life that it is often easier to focus on people I am not emotionally connected to. I can pray for those who I don’t know and feel good about it, but to pray and want to bless family, especially those who have hurt me? That requires much more of me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. But, God has given families for a reason. He set up the structure of family and blessed it (see Genesis 1:26-28a). We must first learn to love and focus on those closest to us in order to love and focus on those we are not as close to. Once we learn to die to our own wants and needs within our family, once we give our family hurts to our Heavenly Father, we truly place ourselves in the position of the one who blesses for the glory of our Lord!

In addition to the family hurts some have, you may have family members that have not accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We focus on them as well this week. May our desire be to see all our family come to know and follow Jesus Christ. May your life reflect a living, good God. May your invitation to your non-believing family be a sweet one.

May you be blessed this week by the choices you make to bless others in Jesus Name.

Week One

Key Scripture: Galatians 6:9-10

Weeks Focus:  Family

Digging Deeper: Ephesians 3:14-21

Prayer Launch: Abba Father, thank you that I can call you Father. Thank you for all that you have given me. Father, increase my love for the earthly family you gave me. Father, may I see them with your eyes and not my own limited vision. Show me what you see when you look at them. Father, give me greater wisdom in how to pray for them. Increase your love within me so that is all they see when they see me. My desire is to see all my family come to know and follow you. Lord, I know the enemy is trying to destroy families. May my prayers and actions this week give you the Glory.

Practical Actions:

  • If you are at odds with your parents and/or siblings, reach out to them and ask their forgiveness for anything you may have done to hurt them.
  • If you have any family member that is currently not walking with our Lord, pray for them intensely. Ask the Lord for wisdom and an increase of love for that family member. Pray for them by name. Show them love that only Christ can give.

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