Who Am I?

No matter what the season, it always breaks my heart to see a man standing on a street corner holding a sign that may read “Hungry” or “Homeless, please help.” Laying aside all the studies and data that may support that it is a choice to be homeless, it doesn’t matter to me. For whatever reason (chosen or not), this man is homeless.  Home to me represents a warm, inviting, caring environment. Even if you didn’t grow up in this kind of home, everyone longs for this. You see, God created us to enjoy life, which includes having a home. A place of shelter and comfort. A man is created to protect, and guide. God desires for men to fully know who they are and how they were created. With this knowledge, it breaks my heart to see men out on the streets. To know that they are not living the full life, including having a home to go to, truly saddens me. The enemy would love to keep speaking lies into these men’s’ lives. The deception over these homeless lives is big. God desires that these men would return home….to Him!

So, the next time you see a man standing out on the corner with a sign don’t spend any time or energy trying to figure out the WHY. Look at them through the eyes of Jesus and you will be more focused on the prayer for truth and healing over their life. And, if God tells you to give this man anything, just give it…don’t think about it…just give it.


Key Scripture: Galatians 6:9-10

Weeks Focus:  The Homeless Man

Digging Deeper: Psalm 84:1-4; John 14:1-2

Prayer Launch: Abba Father, thank you that I can call you Father. Thank you for all that you have given me. Father, I know you see your son. Outside. Unprotected. Weary. I pray that this man encounter You in a supernatural way today. Heal all the hurt and rejection on his life, and I pray against all lies of deception spoken over his life.  Today, may he begin to understand who he is and who he is created to be. May this man choose this day to turn fully to you and find his home, not only in the physical but in the spiritual. May he hear the invitation you extend to come home. May he understand that you went to prepare a place for him and all that call on you as Lord and Savior. May he put all his hope and trust in you.  And Father, if there is something I can do for this man, please give me the courage to do it. In Jesus Name!


 Practical Actions:

  • Go buy a few $10 gift cards to use at a grocery store
  • Pray for each and every man you see this week standing outside holding any kind of sign
  • If prompted, pull over and give the man one of the gift cards for food, offer to pray for him, tell him God does truly love and care for him
  • When you are home this week, speak out thanksgiving for your own home

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