Where Am I Going?

Have you ever been on a road, trail, or any adventure where you’ve never been before? Perhaps even in the dark or bad weather? Well, let me tell you from personal experience it’s not that fun. Not knowing where the path or road leads can cause fear, distress, and even anxiety. However, if you are on that same unknown path following someone (perhaps a guide) who has traveled that way many times before, you feel a bit safer, and even protected from unknown dangers. You may still feel uncertain, but knowing someone is in front of you who has not only been on the path before, but travelled it successfully, brings a sense of security and peace. Right? But what if you don’t really trust the person you are following? What if you begin to doubt their abilities and successes? What if you begin to doubt their leadership?

Well, in life there are many paths or roads that we are called to walk in our pursuit to follow Jesus. Some paths seem easy and straight, while other paths feel scary and unknown. The good news is you only need to surrender to the journey and FOLLOW Jesus. Jesus never told you to walk anywhere without him. Quite the opposite. He told you he would never leave you or forsake (turn his back on) you! The truth is any journey worthwhile is scary and costly. But it’s not lonely. Not with Jesus!! But none of this is possible without your trust IN Jesus. Your trust in Jesus opens all doors to abundant life!

Have you realized that you’ve been standing still? Not moving anywhere because of fear or doubt? Be encouraged today to take that first step following Jesus into the great unknown. Into a life of abundance, and into victory!! Believe me, you will never be sorry you did!!

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