So, in my life I have many embarrassing moments. Have you ever shared this one? You eat a dinner full of onions and garlic (YUM)…and sometime afterward you speak to someone and then notice their face change when your breath hits them. In some cases, they may subtly (or not so subtly) offer you a mint or piece of gum? Yes, this has happened to me and on more than one occasion.
Well, that got me to thinking. Whatever I choose to put in my body (or spirit, or soul) can’t help but seep out of me. It will affect those around me, whether I plan on it to or not (i.e. garlic breath for goodness sake!). This is true for the physical but also true of the spiritual!
So, if I allow frustrations, insecurities, offenses, disappointments, etc. to “fill” me then there is a 100% chance that those things will seep out of me during my days. It will affect those around me, whether it’s the checker at Safeway, a family member, or someone in church.
So, what’s the solution? To be in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ! To be SO full of the Holy Spirit, the Love of Jesus and His Peace that whatever situation I find myself in those things will seep out of me.
Have you asked yourself what is truly filling you up? Have you challenged yourself to be filled up by God? Are you allowing yourself to sit at the feet of Jesus? When you do this, then you can speak life to all those around you. So that what seeps out of you is full of God!
Challenging, YES…impossible…NO!

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