A Defining Moment, Sunday May 3, 2015

What an incredible weekend at Zion’s River! We set this weekend aside to remember an important occurrence that is personal to our church. You see, two years ago we, as a church “crossed the River”. Our special time when we all laid down what we needed the Lord to take and then crossed over into our new “promised land”. It was an amazing time that I will not forget.
So, for those who are newer to Zion’s River Pastor James spoke about that time, as well as bringing us a powerful, life changing Word on defining moments!
So, when Pastor James was 18 years old he was divided in his thinking on his future and colleges. On one hand he had a vision to become a surgeon. But on the other hand he had heard from the Lord that he was going to be a pastor. So, he decided to only apply to two colleges. He applied to the UW, that would lead him to becoming a surgeon and the second, that was a Bible college. He decided that whichever college accepted him was the “path” he would follow. Well, the first college to send its’ acceptance was the UW, so he went there on the path to become a surgeon. But this is where the story gets really interesting!! He met and later married his wife! The one person God had for him. The person that would stand by him as he later followed the mandate of the Lord to become a pastor, not a surgeon!! Do you see what happened??? He had to go to the UW, NOT to become a surgeon but to meet his wife in the Lord!!
Mind-blowing right? You see, what you and I see as a “path” that makes sense to us (or sometimes doesn’t at all!) is actually all laid out by the Lord. Even if you make a mistake, God’s Sovereignty allows for His will to still be accomplished!
Just as God used Joshua to bring His people into the Promised Land, He can and will use you and me for His purposes. Can we decline? Of course (free will and all) but just know that what God wills to be done WILL be done. If we decline he will choose someone else. I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t want God to have to use someone else if He’s called me to do something for him.
This Word is so important I strongly encourage you to watch it (or re-watch it) as many times as it takes.
May God get all the Glory for His will done on earth!!

These thoughts of mine are from the weekend services at Zion’s River church! If you want the full meal deal go to our website http://www.zionsriver.com and click on the link for the entire sermon. Be blessed!!

One thought on “A Defining Moment, Sunday May 3, 2015

  1. What a wonderful feeling yesterday was still floating great memories lots of love pouring from his kingdom on his children.
    Thank you lord of lords.


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